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Timepiece Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Watch For You

I love observing
watches, so when I discover a timepiece that I really like, I usually remember its name. Here I was about to list some of the watches I really like, but rather, I'm going to tell you what to look for when buying a watch. That said, you need to decide whether you are buying for some person you love or for yourself? Are you shopping for a watch that has a luxury view? What occasions you will wear this watch? Do you have a preference towards leather straps or steel bracelets?

Take your time

When shopping for a timepiece, don't be too quick. Many people are too quick and order a watch too quickly. Such a big investment, especially when you are buying a luxury watch, requires a lot of care and consideration. That's why you should do the research on the timepiece, its model and the dealer. Comparing a couple of different retail stores' prices may save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


Generally speaking, men usually do not worry about style and trend. Men usually buy items and devices because women implement. However, when buying a watch it's important to make the right choice about luxury. If you are not sure what are you up to, you may find some of these guides in order to get the feeling what type of fashion you want to stay with.


As men are having larger hands, they do not mind if the watch band is a bit larger as well. On the other side, women are usually looking for watches with adjustable bands. Some timepieces have links or bracelets that can be altered in order to give a good fit. As it is very obvious, when buying a watch, folks especially women should check out whether the link or band is adjustable. Different types of bracelets can be seen on women wrist watch. Leather straps are up-to-date, gorgeous and stylish.

Sport activities

If you are a sort of person who enjoys obtaining into sport activities like diving or golf, you should be able to locate some fashionable and up-to-date sport watches on the web. For example, if you are specifically fan of diving, you'll find that there is a plethora of dive watches offered in a variety of colors.

Cost is a huge factor when shopping for a watch. As there are lots of men's watches, most of them are very expensive watches. There can be cheap watches, yet with a luxury finesse, that are available for a couple of hundred dollars. There are also highly expensive watches that have ornamental embellishments or diamonds.

Keep an eye out for fake watches

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who may trick you by selling you a fake watch. There are many fake watches, even some relic watches are fake. When observing watches for women, always look for any detail that's less than perfect. For example smudged lettering on the dial or a logo that's blurry may be signs of a fake watch. Typically, a fake watch will be much lighter than the real watch, especially if the watch is supposed to be made of gold.

Take care of it

After you bought the watch, make sure to take care of it. To keep your timepiece in great shape, it's recommended to take it off to do dishes and heavy-duty work. Even if the watch is supposed to be water resistant, do not wear it in the ocean as the salt from the ocean may have an abrasive effect on your timepiece.

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Can China watches rival Swiss outstanding timepieces?

The demand of Switzerland watches is increasing every day among the people of the modern world, especially among teenagers and youngsters who are living according to fashionable trend. For men who are willing to express their personality to everyone, Swiss-made watches seem to be the best choice. The Swiss-made timepieces are produced in a fashionable look as they grab the attention of its viewer on the very first look.

Even though Swiss is a country of watches, the magazine Financial Times stated entrepreneurial watch manufacturers can still flourish beyond Swiss borders. Namely, Red8 and SevenFriday are some of the most popular manufacturers offering Swiss-quality products. Especially young customers are interested in the co-called affordable luxury as they are not worried about tradition. China-made watches are less expensive compared to Rado watches or luxury watches in general.

Red8 management chairman Christian Bedat is unapologetic about the fact that he exports some of his manufacturing. Namely, he stated China products are produced by similar machines, same materials and technology, it's just that Switzerland-made products are done at a higher cost because Swiss labor is more expensive. SevenFiday's founder Niederer is having pretty much the same attitude. Daniel Niederer actually was a timepiece distributor in China for almost a decade before he decided to launch his very own brand. He already knows the firsthand misconceptions about the "Made in China" quality. He stated that if he produces a watch in China and then get the Swiss made on the dial, he has to price it sometimes 100 percent more expensive. Now the question he asks is - where is the value for the consumer?

At the end of the day, manufacturers are free to produce their timepieces wherever and whenever they choose. However, the FH remains quite vigilant about how watches are produced, labeled and marketed. Recently, a batch of Niederer's products produced in China has been blocked at Switzerland customs. The reason is very simple - the word Zurich was engraved on the dial, which is opposite to the FH law that use of any Switzerland symbols or names can mislead consumers to believe the timepiece was produced in Switzerland.

However, some people follow the idea - if you can't get the original timepiece, get the replica. Swiss replica timepieces are famous all over the world. They are famous for their build and you can even find many celebrities wearing them. Swiss replica watches are sometimes built in extreme conditions by super high quality machines. That said, Swiss replica watches and Swiss watches are crafted so carefully that you can't even tell a difference between the replica and the original one. The main advantage of using Swiss replica timepieces is that one can buy more than one of them and yet do not bother. Geneva watches are also good timepieces but are more expensive than Burberry watches.

In 1970s Switzerland watch makers have been accounted for the majority of watches sold in the world. They had some kind of monopoly on watches. Then the American and Japanese watchmakers began unleashing and producing much cheaper QUARTZ-based timepieces on the market. The last three or four years have been a real rollercoaster ride for Switzerland watchmakers. Between 2009 and 2013, the watch industry chalked up average export growth of nearly 20% per year, far outstripping every single Swiss industrial sector. Despite the crisis in the Euro zone, watch exports exported nearly $23 billion of timepieces. Overall, the research indicates that the medium-term forecast looks very good for the Switzerland watch industry. One thing that will stay the same is concentrating on markets is going to remain key to success.
However, the FH (Federation of the Swiss Industry) as the bastion of Swiss industry is careful enough to alert the public about the origins of foreign timepieces.

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How To Take Care of Your Gucci Or Any Other Watch

Whether you own a watch from collection of Gucci watches or Marc Jacobs watches, you are sure your watch is an object of exceptional beauty that requires care in order to work properly. Generally speaking, standard maintenance always includes protecting the watch from water damage, cleaning the case and band and safeguarding the movement. Below are advices you should consider if you want to learn how to keep your timepiece look fresh and ready for generations to come.

In the first place, if you have got a vintage watch, whether it is a watch from a collection of Cartier watches or perhaps a vintage watch from line of old Timex watches, it's important to know these are the most vulnerable watches. Long-lived vintage watches usually have some pivots slender just as human hair. Despite the labeling you might have noticed on vintage watches, they might not be shock or water resistant, as the label might suggest. That's usually the case with some low-branded watches. Either way, it's important to keep your watch dry whenever you go.

In addition, do not ever expose your watch to magnetized metals as it is a little-known hazard for many watches. That said, you should avoid exposing your luxury watches to strong magnets as magnet may have a negative impact on the accuracy of your timepiece. Although, by some, you should not worry about having your timepiece near regular electric devices such as audio speakers or telephone handsets, I'd still recommend to avoid holding your watch in near of mobile phones and metal detectors. If you deem your watch has been magnetized, you can make a test by holding a compass near the timepiece. If the needle in the compass vibrates, your watch probably has been magnetized in the past.

If your timepiece is based on self-winding mechanical movements, be sure to wind your watch on a regular basis. On the other side, if your watch is based on QUARTZ technology, remove batteries on a regular basis and put a new battery in your timepiece. Luxury watch producers, such as Guess Watches, suggest a complete overhaul every four years to keep your timepiece performing perfectly every day. You'll probably need to take your timepiece to an authorized retail store or dealer for this type of maintenance.

As for general cleaning, if your timepiece is constantly on your hand, make sure you wash it with a soft brush dipped in soap and warm water. Rinse the watch and clean it thoroughly before drying it completely. There are even bracelet kits you can use to clean the metal parts of the watch with ease.

If your timepiece has a band made of real leather, never let it get wet because it may be ruined. Instead wipe and dry the band thoroughly in case it has been saturated with perspiration or moisture.

If you have got an expensive watch from a collection of Cartier watches, make sure to avoid chemicals. Chemicals can cause serious damage to your watch, especially if is made of gold. Chlorine is the most hazard-prone chemical that can damage your timepiece, so be aware. Even more, if you are visiting swimming pools, always remove your gold timepiece from your wrist and keep it in a safe place. Also, if no matter how strong or sturdy your watch is, avoid wearing your watch if you are doing a job that requires lots of manual labor.

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Men Watches: Which One To Go For?

As there is a plethora of watches for men, choosing a timepiece for a man sometimes can be a challenge. There are several factors to consider. Below are mentioned these factors you should take into the account when buying a timepiece.

In the first place, a buyer should bear in mind the personality of the man they are buying for. If a lady is buying a timepiece for his husband, she should look for how he expresses himself through other items and accessories in his wardrobe. She should lookinti cufflinks, shoes and ties in order to get some idea what her man is comfortable with. If he is sort of an adventurous chap, the lady can make bolder statements. Probably going for a striking color or outstanding shape will be the best bet. For example, if her man is a classy and elegant bloke, a Michael Kors watch or a a Heisman watch is the way to go. If he is a man of action and adventure, then you should look into Swiss Army watches.

In addition, if a man is buying a watch for himself, he should consider what occasions and where he will wear his watch. Is it going to be a classy dress watch or something for the weekend? Is the watch for special occasions or for the office? Is his watch supposed to be carried on ski trips and yet remain suitable for weddings? Does he have a preference toward leather straps or steel bracelets? All these questions a man should ask himself is he is planning to buy a watch. For example, if you are a guy who is fan of ski trips, you may opt for one of these Diesel watches because they are of sturdy construction. If you are one of these people looking for highly luxury watches, it's important to value their elegance, craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. A luxury watch is nothing but a work of art that's supposed to complement your wardrobe. The major factor to consider when shopping for a luxury watch is your lifestyle. I'll tell you a list of categories most men's watches fall in. These categories are: sports watch, everyday watch and dress watch. When deciding which type of timepiece to purchase, think about when you will be wearing your watch and what you'll use it for.

Some wrist watches are inexpensive, others are very expensive to the point of becoming a luxury available only to a very small circle of people. I see a lot of folks buying the most expensive watches thinking it's the best watch, although I really must admit that quality and price are highly correlated. That said, whenever I buy a timepiece for me or my friends, price is one of the least of my concerns. It is important to think about other things when buying a watch.

Timex watches are one of the most popular timepieces on the planet. There is an abundance of people who are looking to cheat by selling fake products. There are websites and even retail stores that sell fake Timex watches. Some Internet sites will inform you the watch is fake, but many times they'll try to sell you a fake watch pretending it's a real one. There are many ways to identify fake watches. But the simple point is, do not buy a watch if the deal looks too good in order to be true.

Rolex vs Seiko vs Michele Watches

Today I want to quickly compare the three brands in the industry of top-notch watches: Rolex, Seiko and Michele. We shall start with Rolex. Right off the bat, I'll ask you - what's the first thing that comes to your mind every time you hear the word "Rolex"? For many people, Rolex represents fashion, style and overall - luxury. Rolex has been founded in 1905 when Alfred Davis and Hans Wildorf found the company. Initially, it has been based in London. However, after a couple of years, the company has been transferred to Gevena, Switzerland. The brand has been used in a plethora of sports, including Formula 1 and tennis at the Australian Open and Wimbledon. Generally speaking, all watches produced by the company are expensive and blended in a beautiful design. As they say - Rolex is wearing the crown of the watch industry. Despite the fact the company produces over 600,000 watches a year, the brand is holding its value even to the point they will do anything to promote their trademark. Rolex is a brand you simply cannot mess with - they are tightly reliable, controlled and symbol of class and distinction. It's easy to spot a fake Rolex. In the first place, the fake Rolex are provided with the second hand that stutters, whereas a real Rolex watch has a smooth hand movement. In addition, Rolex watches are made of high-quality metals, and therefore, will weigh significantly more than a fake Rolex watch.

But it's not only Rolex that is 100 years old. It has been 100 years since the first Seiko watches have been introduced. Seiko is a company that has changed the way we look and measure time with its outstanding companies. Even more, Seiko is the first company to introduce the impressive power of Kinetic movement, also known as Auto Quartz. In 1913 Seiko has produced the Japan's first wristwatch known as Laurel. To celebrate this honorable anniversary, a reception was held in June at the Ginza Wako, store retailer in Tokyo, Japan. Seiko is a brand with a reason: they are doing their best to introduce new and outstanding watches every year. For example, one of the latest projects by Seiko is a solar-powered watch. Seiko is a company that not only produces watches for classy and elegant man and women, but also watches for divers, athletes and drivers.

On the other side, Michele is a brand that provides some kind of freedom of choice for those folks who like variety and highly appreciate contrasting fashion techniques. Unlike Bulova watches, Michele watches are saturated with a myriad of elements including diamond accessories, various watch functions and case materials. We can say Rolex and Seiko are men's watches while, at least in my opinion, Bulova and Michele are more customized for a woman's hand. Even more, Bulova watches are very rare so it's easy to spot a fake Belova watch. Genuine watch by Bulova will have a clear dial with the brand name very crisply engraved on it. In a contrary, a cheap Belova or Michele duplicates will usually have only several creative spellings written on the dial.

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Are you fan of Michel Kors Watches or Omega Watches?

Those readers who follow this website on a daily basis know I'm deeply interested in fashion. When it comes to latest fashion gadgets, Michael Kors is my favorite brand. Not only Michael Kors is a designer of watches, but also he produces summer dresses and bags. I recently gave this impressive Michael Kors watch to my dad who is such incredible person always helping me around. Now enough about me, let's talk about watches designed by Michael Kors.

In the first place, many people adore how Michael Kors watches are made of so high quality materials by the man who is a legend himself. It's not that I don't like Fossil watches or Nixon Watches. However, Michael Kors came to the forefront for many folks as his inexpensive gadgets and accessories are must-have beauties.

Right now, I must admit I am left with the terribly difficult task as I have to choose a new watch for my grandmom. I have glimpsed at Omega watches, which I didn't like. So, I have been lusting after a new watch for my dear grandmom for some time now but sadly, I do not have a plethora of spare cash to fork out a few hundred dollars for an exceptional watch. After scouring the web for a while, I came across this list of good watches. I was slightly doubtful about the quality of these watches, but you can take a look and even choose one if you really like it.

Michael Kors Women’s MK5165 (Silver)

This silver beauty is an elegant yet simple dress watch. As the watch is made of silver stainless steel, this piece of style outfit is a must-have for every classy and elegant woman. The shiny stone accents are scattered around as it greatly enhances the glamorous style of this watch. Even more, if you are a fan of clean design, you should get the watch. Why, you may ask. Because the clean design of the dial provides versatility as the watch can be worn with any outfit. It even can be an everyday outbaility extreme durability and classic look.

My friend Sophie bought one of these and she said she is very happy with the product she got. She did not have to adjust the sizing as the watch is primarily intended for a woman's hand. If you order one of these, you will have to wait as it usually arrives in a week or two after the order has been made. This watch doesn't look very feminine. It even reminds me of those unisex models. However if you are looking for a real feminine watch check this out.

Michael Kors MK5145 (White)

The Michael Kors MK5145 is designed in a very feminine, cute and stylish way. It's highly intended for fashionable and chic women. As the watch is almost completely white with a couple of gold accents, this product is simply beautiful. The bracelet has a fresh and clean look while the gold tone is scattered around the rim. The silicone band provides security and comfort to the wearer. The complete watch is of superb quality construction. To be honest, I have not yet decided which one I'm going to buy, but it may be one of these I have mentioned above.