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Are you fan of Michel Kors Watches or Omega Watches?

Those readers who follow this website on a daily basis know I'm deeply interested in fashion. When it comes to latest fashion gadgets, Michael Kors is my favorite brand. Not only Michael Kors is a designer of watches, but also he produces summer dresses and bags. I recently gave this impressive Michael Kors watch to my dad who is such incredible person always helping me around. Now enough about me, let's talk about watches designed by Michael Kors.

In the first place, many people adore how Michael Kors watches are made of so high quality materials by the man who is a legend himself. It's not that I don't like Fossil watches or Nixon Watches. However, Michael Kors came to the forefront for many folks as his inexpensive gadgets and accessories are must-have beauties.

Right now, I must admit I am left with the terribly difficult task as I have to choose a new watch for my grandmom. I have glimpsed at Omega watches, which I didn't like. So, I have been lusting after a new watch for my dear grandmom for some time now but sadly, I do not have a plethora of spare cash to fork out a few hundred dollars for an exceptional watch. After scouring the web for a while, I came across this list of good watches. I was slightly doubtful about the quality of these watches, but you can take a look and even choose one if you really like it.

Michael Kors Women’s MK5165 (Silver)

This silver beauty is an elegant yet simple dress watch. As the watch is made of silver stainless steel, this piece of style outfit is a must-have for every classy and elegant woman. The shiny stone accents are scattered around as it greatly enhances the glamorous style of this watch. Even more, if you are a fan of clean design, you should get the watch. Why, you may ask. Because the clean design of the dial provides versatility as the watch can be worn with any outfit. It even can be an everyday outbaility extreme durability and classic look.

My friend Sophie bought one of these and she said she is very happy with the product she got. She did not have to adjust the sizing as the watch is primarily intended for a woman's hand. If you order one of these, you will have to wait as it usually arrives in a week or two after the order has been made. This watch doesn't look very feminine. It even reminds me of those unisex models. However if you are looking for a real feminine watch check this out.

Michael Kors MK5145 (White)

The Michael Kors MK5145 is designed in a very feminine, cute and stylish way. It's highly intended for fashionable and chic women. As the watch is almost completely white with a couple of gold accents, this product is simply beautiful. The bracelet has a fresh and clean look while the gold tone is scattered around the rim. The silicone band provides security and comfort to the wearer. The complete watch is of superb quality construction. To be honest, I have not yet decided which one I'm going to buy, but it may be one of these I have mentioned above.

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