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Can China watches rival Swiss outstanding timepieces?

The demand of Switzerland watches is increasing every day among the people of the modern world, especially among teenagers and youngsters who are living according to fashionable trend. For men who are willing to express their personality to everyone, Swiss-made watches seem to be the best choice. The Swiss-made timepieces are produced in a fashionable look as they grab the attention of its viewer on the very first look.

Even though Swiss is a country of watches, the magazine Financial Times stated entrepreneurial watch manufacturers can still flourish beyond Swiss borders. Namely, Red8 and SevenFriday are some of the most popular manufacturers offering Swiss-quality products. Especially young customers are interested in the co-called affordable luxury as they are not worried about tradition. China-made watches are less expensive compared to Rado watches or luxury watches in general.

Red8 management chairman Christian Bedat is unapologetic about the fact that he exports some of his manufacturing. Namely, he stated China products are produced by similar machines, same materials and technology, it's just that Switzerland-made products are done at a higher cost because Swiss labor is more expensive. SevenFiday's founder Niederer is having pretty much the same attitude. Daniel Niederer actually was a timepiece distributor in China for almost a decade before he decided to launch his very own brand. He already knows the firsthand misconceptions about the "Made in China" quality. He stated that if he produces a watch in China and then get the Swiss made on the dial, he has to price it sometimes 100 percent more expensive. Now the question he asks is - where is the value for the consumer?

At the end of the day, manufacturers are free to produce their timepieces wherever and whenever they choose. However, the FH remains quite vigilant about how watches are produced, labeled and marketed. Recently, a batch of Niederer's products produced in China has been blocked at Switzerland customs. The reason is very simple - the word Zurich was engraved on the dial, which is opposite to the FH law that use of any Switzerland symbols or names can mislead consumers to believe the timepiece was produced in Switzerland.

However, some people follow the idea - if you can't get the original timepiece, get the replica. Swiss replica timepieces are famous all over the world. They are famous for their build and you can even find many celebrities wearing them. Swiss replica watches are sometimes built in extreme conditions by super high quality machines. That said, Swiss replica watches and Swiss watches are crafted so carefully that you can't even tell a difference between the replica and the original one. The main advantage of using Swiss replica timepieces is that one can buy more than one of them and yet do not bother. Geneva watches are also good timepieces but are more expensive than Burberry watches.

In 1970s Switzerland watch makers have been accounted for the majority of watches sold in the world. They had some kind of monopoly on watches. Then the American and Japanese watchmakers began unleashing and producing much cheaper QUARTZ-based timepieces on the market. The last three or four years have been a real rollercoaster ride for Switzerland watchmakers. Between 2009 and 2013, the watch industry chalked up average export growth of nearly 20% per year, far outstripping every single Swiss industrial sector. Despite the crisis in the Euro zone, watch exports exported nearly $23 billion of timepieces. Overall, the research indicates that the medium-term forecast looks very good for the Switzerland watch industry. One thing that will stay the same is concentrating on markets is going to remain key to success.
However, the FH (Federation of the Swiss Industry) as the bastion of Swiss industry is careful enough to alert the public about the origins of foreign timepieces.

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