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How To Take Care of Your Gucci Or Any Other Watch

Whether you own a watch from collection of Gucci watches or Marc Jacobs watches, you are sure your watch is an object of exceptional beauty that requires care in order to work properly. Generally speaking, standard maintenance always includes protecting the watch from water damage, cleaning the case and band and safeguarding the movement. Below are advices you should consider if you want to learn how to keep your timepiece look fresh and ready for generations to come.

In the first place, if you have got a vintage watch, whether it is a watch from a collection of Cartier watches or perhaps a vintage watch from line of old Timex watches, it's important to know these are the most vulnerable watches. Long-lived vintage watches usually have some pivots slender just as human hair. Despite the labeling you might have noticed on vintage watches, they might not be shock or water resistant, as the label might suggest. That's usually the case with some low-branded watches. Either way, it's important to keep your watch dry whenever you go.

In addition, do not ever expose your watch to magnetized metals as it is a little-known hazard for many watches. That said, you should avoid exposing your luxury watches to strong magnets as magnet may have a negative impact on the accuracy of your timepiece. Although, by some, you should not worry about having your timepiece near regular electric devices such as audio speakers or telephone handsets, I'd still recommend to avoid holding your watch in near of mobile phones and metal detectors. If you deem your watch has been magnetized, you can make a test by holding a compass near the timepiece. If the needle in the compass vibrates, your watch probably has been magnetized in the past.

If your timepiece is based on self-winding mechanical movements, be sure to wind your watch on a regular basis. On the other side, if your watch is based on QUARTZ technology, remove batteries on a regular basis and put a new battery in your timepiece. Luxury watch producers, such as Guess Watches, suggest a complete overhaul every four years to keep your timepiece performing perfectly every day. You'll probably need to take your timepiece to an authorized retail store or dealer for this type of maintenance.

As for general cleaning, if your timepiece is constantly on your hand, make sure you wash it with a soft brush dipped in soap and warm water. Rinse the watch and clean it thoroughly before drying it completely. There are even bracelet kits you can use to clean the metal parts of the watch with ease.

If your timepiece has a band made of real leather, never let it get wet because it may be ruined. Instead wipe and dry the band thoroughly in case it has been saturated with perspiration or moisture.

If you have got an expensive watch from a collection of Cartier watches, make sure to avoid chemicals. Chemicals can cause serious damage to your watch, especially if is made of gold. Chlorine is the most hazard-prone chemical that can damage your timepiece, so be aware. Even more, if you are visiting swimming pools, always remove your gold timepiece from your wrist and keep it in a safe place. Also, if no matter how strong or sturdy your watch is, avoid wearing your watch if you are doing a job that requires lots of manual labor.

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