srijeda, 2. listopada 2013.

Rolex vs Seiko vs Michele Watches

Today I want to quickly compare the three brands in the industry of top-notch watches: Rolex, Seiko and Michele. We shall start with Rolex. Right off the bat, I'll ask you - what's the first thing that comes to your mind every time you hear the word "Rolex"? For many people, Rolex represents fashion, style and overall - luxury. Rolex has been founded in 1905 when Alfred Davis and Hans Wildorf found the company. Initially, it has been based in London. However, after a couple of years, the company has been transferred to Gevena, Switzerland. The brand has been used in a plethora of sports, including Formula 1 and tennis at the Australian Open and Wimbledon. Generally speaking, all watches produced by the company are expensive and blended in a beautiful design. As they say - Rolex is wearing the crown of the watch industry. Despite the fact the company produces over 600,000 watches a year, the brand is holding its value even to the point they will do anything to promote their trademark. Rolex is a brand you simply cannot mess with - they are tightly reliable, controlled and symbol of class and distinction. It's easy to spot a fake Rolex. In the first place, the fake Rolex are provided with the second hand that stutters, whereas a real Rolex watch has a smooth hand movement. In addition, Rolex watches are made of high-quality metals, and therefore, will weigh significantly more than a fake Rolex watch.

But it's not only Rolex that is 100 years old. It has been 100 years since the first Seiko watches have been introduced. Seiko is a company that has changed the way we look and measure time with its outstanding companies. Even more, Seiko is the first company to introduce the impressive power of Kinetic movement, also known as Auto Quartz. In 1913 Seiko has produced the Japan's first wristwatch known as Laurel. To celebrate this honorable anniversary, a reception was held in June at the Ginza Wako, store retailer in Tokyo, Japan. Seiko is a brand with a reason: they are doing their best to introduce new and outstanding watches every year. For example, one of the latest projects by Seiko is a solar-powered watch. Seiko is a company that not only produces watches for classy and elegant man and women, but also watches for divers, athletes and drivers.

On the other side, Michele is a brand that provides some kind of freedom of choice for those folks who like variety and highly appreciate contrasting fashion techniques. Unlike Bulova watches, Michele watches are saturated with a myriad of elements including diamond accessories, various watch functions and case materials. We can say Rolex and Seiko are men's watches while, at least in my opinion, Bulova and Michele are more customized for a woman's hand. Even more, Bulova watches are very rare so it's easy to spot a fake Belova watch. Genuine watch by Bulova will have a clear dial with the brand name very crisply engraved on it. In a contrary, a cheap Belova or Michele duplicates will usually have only several creative spellings written on the dial.

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